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Thermalpark Dunajská Streda is one of the most popular and frequented recreation resorts of Southern Slovakia. It provides high-quality services and perfect relax to visitors of all age groups in the beautiful area in the heart of Žitný ostrov.

Thermalpark owes its existence to a lucky coincidence - a new chapter in the history of Žitný ostrov began in the early 80s, when, instead of oil, mineral water with a temperature  57° was found 1600 m deep at the current location of the water park.

The 18-hectar area currently includes a total of 10 indoor and outdoor pools with healing thermal mineral water with temperatures from 26 °C to 39 °C, which helps especially people with musculoskeletal disorders.

Our visitors will feel rejuvenated after using our 4 indoor pools and 6 outdoor pools. Small children can have a great time in the kids pool with a fun slide, as well as at the children`s summer club with rich programme. All lovers of adrenaline and fun can try the toboggan tower with 7 chutes.

In the peak season, we have sports courts awaiting those who love exercise (beach mini-golf, a multi-purpose court, table tennis and outdoor chess).

A new massage centre with 6 massage areas and a renovated sauna world with 4 types of sauna (Finnish, bio, infrared and steam), a salt booth, jacuzzi and a cold pool will ensure that visitors can enjoy outstanding rest and relaxation.

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Dunajská Streda

Gabčíkovo / Hydroelectric Power Plant / Water Dam

The Gabčíkovo hydroelectric power plant is built on the border Danube river and is the country's largest hydroelectric power plant in terms of electricity generation.
In the last thirty years it brings tourists to the area to enjoy the view of the river, and to watch the ships and boats cross the dam. With previous notice the dam can be visited also from the inside.

Watermill Dunajský Klátov
Water mill near Dunajský Klátov in the lowland Podunajská nížina in the south-western Slovakia is one of few preserved water mills in Slovakia with the bottom mill race.

The lowland Podunajská nížina was ideal for the operation of water mills because of its comparatively bulky streams with adequate inclination and numerous arms. The mill stands next to the Klátovské rameno, the arm of the river Malý Dunaj and it dates to the 19th century.

The mill acquired its present appearance in the 1920 reconstruction. Its last owner was Michal Cséfalvay. The mill operated until the 1940s. When the river canal was dewatered, the grand wheel broke down.

Thanks to the staff of the Žitnoostrovské Museum in Dunajská Streda, the mill was reconstructed and reopened in 1987 with the aim to demonstrate how it worked. Original furniture and equipment including milling utensils have been preserved inside the mill.
The mill is able to operate but the low water table in the arm does not allow it. In difference from other mills on the Danube it has a bricked grinding plant while the wheel and the drive are in a wooden shelter.
The mill constitutes a nice element amidst the charming setting of the Natural Reserve of Klátovské rameno. Especially nice are the white water lillies.

Source: Vydavateľstvo Dajama

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Shipmill in Kolárovo
The shipmill in Kolárovo is one of our rare artefacts proving the creativity and ingenuity of our ancestors. It operates as a mill museum at present. It can be approached by an adventurous walk through an 86-meter- long covered wooden bridge standing on stilts, known as the longest wooden bridge in Europe. The shipmill itself and this unique wooden bridge are parts of the open air museum exhibiting local vernacular architechture. A small zoo with household animals has also been opened near the mill.

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Rafting tour on the Danube
Rafting on the Danube. Tours are available for one day, or three day turns. Rafting is available for families and small groups as well.
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Biking is very popular in the area. The area of Dunajska Streda is very flat, and suitable for longer bike rides also with smaller children.
The international bike road that enters the country in Berg, and exits in Sturovo is 168 km long and follows the river Danube.


MALKIA PARK is an animal rescue park in Orechová Potôň, that has opened with the aim to create the most optimal living conditions for animals that were from circuses and not appropriate domestic breeding conditions.

The capital city is about 50 km from Dunajska Streda. It is the cultural center of the country, with several galleries, museum, parks and historical places.


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Gabčíkovo Dunajský Klátov Shipmill in Kolárovo
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